Why won't you die?!

The Revenant is a heavy combat strider.

Using captured Immortal schematics, Revenants were made to wage assaults with heavy artillery against armored forces. What really caught the Vaul's interest was their advanced Hardened Shield technology. The ability to take the brunt of a Siege Tank barrage is by no means a small feet. As such, Revenants retain this particular ability despite its weakness to small attacks. To compensate for this flaw, standard Plasma shield emitters are equipped to the chassis to handle damage that would not activate the hardened shields.

Replacing the twin disruptor canons are powerful antimatter crystal launchers, which have the appearance of guns with shards growing out of them (Halo: Needler; Command & Conquer - Tiberium: Ravager). The launchers can augment the crystal ammunition by charging them with energy diverted from shields. Once fired, the shards just pass through armor and plasma shields unimpeded until out of energy demolishing anything in their way (Transformers: Chaos). This makes Revenants ideal for confronting heavily armored and shielded targets. So powerful are these new exoskeletons, it is guaranteed that even Immortals will bleed (Warner Bros. Pictures: 300).

Special Abilities:

  • Hardened Shields (passive) - reduces incoming heavy damage to 10. Ineffective to small caliber projectiles
  • Vorpal Crystals - triples bonus damage and ignores armor and plasma shielding. Unit shields are disabled while attacking