The Revenant is a robotic construct deployed from an Acropolis.

Its form is based off bioscans of recent Hybrid strains encountered by Terrans. Combined with technologies throughout the Koprulu Sector, the construct can mimic the abilities of their real counterparts to a reasonable degree (Star Wars - the Force Unleashed: PROXY). A Revenant can also shift between Destroyer and Reaver forms depending on the situation (Beast Machines: Savage/Noble).

In Reaver Mode, its combat is mainly focused on brute strength and heavy armored defense in ground assaults. A Revenant/Reaver uses a combined physical monomolecular and psiblades to tear through all forms of energy shielding and armor with little effort. An alloy of Bio-steel and Vanadium is used to bolster the construct's defensive and regeneration capabilities. For crowd control, it emits a powerful ultrasonic shriek to stun all nearby forces. In both virtual and field simulations, the Revenant/Reaver is roughly on par with the most physically fit Ultralisk.

In Destroyer Mode, its combat leans more toward special weapons usage and anti-air counterattacks. Like a Maverick, Revenant/Destroyers project Zero Points to damage and slow down enemy forces. For more resilient targets, it can launch debris converted into antimatter capable of crippling a Battlecruiser. In incursion missions, the construct blinks through dimensions bypassing even the most advanced plasma shielding developed by the Protoss. Small pirate armadas have a history of unexplained disappearances leading to many legends of alien attacks along certain star lanes.

Special abilities:

  • Detector - the unit can detect cloaked or burrowed enemies
  • REAVER/DESTROYER Mode - unit shifts back and forth between reaver and destroyer mode for different abilities
    • REAVER Mode:
    • ULTRASONIC SHRIEK - releases an outward shockwave that stuns nearby units for 15 seconds
    • BIO-VANADIUM ALLOY (passive) - unit has 10% greater health than other mode. Any damage is recovered over time
    • DESTROYER Mode:
    • ZERO POINT - inflicts 50 damage to air and ground units in target area. Affected units receive +10 additional damage if they attack within field. No outside attacks can affect anything trapped inside
    • ANTIMATTER BOMB - shoots an antimatter ball dealing 350 damage to a target
    • BLINK - teleports Revenant to a nearby location

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