Roger Flying

Roger leading an attack group at the battle of Versalite

Roger Wyllen is a Terran ex-Cerberus operative currently employed by NOVA.

History Edit

Roger Wyllen grew up on Verge and lived in a well off manor. His colony hadn't seen much war and made it seem glorious. Roger heard stories of battle glory and how everyone in his colony looked up to the military. He enlisted and was shipped out technically three months before he was old enough and wanted out before he was.

The glorious military he thought he had joined was cruel and unforgiving. After a lot of hard training a drill seargeant got mad at him out of nowhere and broke both his arms. He was to be discharged but Something snapped inside him and he insisted on staying in the military. All the time doing it so he could break that seargeant even worse when he got the chance.

He put his talents to good use and trained hard. Just when he was about ready to get his revenge that seargeant was killed in action before his very eyes. Angry becuase he could no longer get revenge and for the loss of a fellow soldier, he rushed up the hill they were trying to take and snatched a ghost's sniper on the way and took out his frustraion with it. He killed 30 men with it that day and because of it they took the hill. His skills were not overlooked and he was transfered to a Ghost division and later into project NOVA.

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