The Ronin is the primary close quarters combat infantry series of the Vaul.

Thanks to the Pinion-series, the Vaul had the same ability as the Terrans when it comes to a versatile ground and air attacker. Though the series was effective against most Terran and Zerg light infantry, the Vaul began development of a melee unit to stand up against the more powerful Protoss fighters such as Zealots and Dark Templar. In simulation, Pinions could never take on a Zealot one-to-one unless interfaced with a Cog. Unfortunately, interfacing all their basic units would take too much resources away from research and construction of more powerful units and structures. To address this problem the new Ronin-series sentry was made.

Ronins use similar components as Pinions, but are much more heavily armored and shielded. Based off modified Battle-bots and Protoss infantry armor, the robots look like a cybernetic Zealot without hair. The heads of Ronins have a V-shaped visor that can track enemy units in multiple spectrums (Knight Rider: K.A.R.R.). Each unit is armed with two hard-light Gigablades to match the Protoss and Zerg in melee combat (Warcraft III: Demon Hunter). Merging advanced Xel'Naga focusing technology with Terran psyblade schematics, Gigablades use Khaydarin crystal technology to amplify the cutting power of each blade with cosmic energy. Coupled with their cybernetic strength, Ronins use their blades to slash through heavily shielding and armor as easily as if through air. In terms of sophistication, their A.I. is not the most advanced compared to higher level series. However, it is capable of learning and adapting to new situations like a Terran brain (possible even faster). Because of this, Ronins can hold their own against multiple opponents with their advanced cybernetic reflexes and strength while still being able to compensate for any unknown threats.

Using advanced matter-energy conversion technology, Ronins can fragment themselves into three equal parts (Dragonball Z: Tri-Form; Naruto: Shadow Clone Technique and Splitting Technique; Universe at War: Blade Trooper). Because of the division of materials, each part is study as Firebat and has the attacking strength of a Marine. Although this greatly weakens the unit, it heightens the chance of overwhelming much stronger opponents such as Zealots by turning a one-on-one battle to a three-on-one free for all. This allows Vaul forces to triple their forces while saving time and resources for researching higher level technologies.

Special abilities:

  • Fragment - unit divides into three equal Fragments. Each Fragment has 25 HPs, 25 Shield Points, 6 normal attack, and +2 speed

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