Sable Profile High Commander of the Gantrithor II, Leader of the Sakile Tribe

Sable is a legend, both seen and unseen. A complete enigma to even his closest comrades. It is unknown what his full power, origins, or even his species are, although it is widely accepted that he is a male. He has been seen in many forms, and commands a Zerg Brood, as well as a Terran Squadron. Some believe him a vastly powerful Templar and a teacher of Tassadar, others believe him to be a Xel'Naga. His most prevalent form is that of a Protoss, although even then his specific faction is a mystery (High Templar/Dark Templar). What is known is that he is the leader of an elite Tribe known as the Sakile. This tribe is just as mysterious as it's ruler, appearing in times of great need to salvage dire situations before vanishing into the void. His second in command is Patriarch Darr, whom is in charge of the bulk of the Sakile Tribe's vast fleets. It is also rumored that Kassandar, Tassadar's son, is his executor for the tribe.

Sable's immense understanding of histories and energies are thought to exceed that of any known being in the universe, making him an invaluable ally to the Protoss. Sable has pioneered the engineering of new crystals that can be fused into Protoss battle armor and vehicles, some giving the Protoss the ability to hover, while others allowing them to cast illusion/discrepancy fields which alter how or where they appear. The "Jal'Ras" crystal is the newest of his discoveries, which emits a negative zone of anti-psi, thus rendering telepathic and Khala senses (as well as all mechanical sensors) useless.

Although Sable's origin is unknown, his faction and command center currently reside on the chaotic frost and fire world of Vaegos. The unpredictable Sakile enjoy the constant weather changes that include massive blizzards and atmospheric fire storms, as well as sudden vaporous eclipses of light.

Sable is devoted to destroying all who have sought to tear down the unity of the Protoss since Adun's death. He is a strong supporter of Zeratul and his efforts to unify the race; and a staunch enemy of Ulrezaj. Surprisingly, however he is not as opposed to Kerrigan. He has struck a temporary treaty with her, saying that if she will not harm the Protoss outright, he will stay his forces and agents. Rumors of Zerg stirring on Char after four years of peace however spell ill will toward that treaty and Sable has recalled his forces for the protection of Shakuras.

Known FormsEdit

Sable Protoss Executor

Hunter Killer Zerg Hunter Killer

Ghost Portrait Terran Ghost