Let's see if you're faster than a speeding bullet.

The Dominion was never able to reprogram 100% of their criminals with resocialization techniques, so they made a deal. If these volunteers provided five years worth of service to the Reaper Corps, then they would be pardoned (free chemical alterations included). These individuals were equiped with experimental jet packs to assist in mobility and highly volitile explosives for hit-and-run demolition. To date, the longest record of living Reapers is roughly six months. Nonetheless, the potential for destruction these units possess is impossible to ignore. To combat these highly aggresive Terrans, some Trojans were modified into a mirror version of the Reaper Corps. Designated as Saviors, these clones have more sophisticated neural implants to supress most violent impulses allowing for more logical thinking.

Each unit is equiped with an advanced jet pack that can sustain higher and faster movements than any known Reaper. These packs utilize twin ion thrusters for propulsion and a pair of metal wings for increased control and stability. During scouting operations, Saviors dual wield "Xiphos" Laser Pistols to unleash carnage on any lightly armored enemy forces they come across. Though not very effective against Plasma Shields and heavy armor, constant salvos can wear down even the most resilient of heavy infantry. Saviors devastate enemy structures with N-6 charges instead of the D-8 ones used by their counterparts due mainly for its greater explosive potential.

Saviors are also equiped with experimental personal shield generators based off salvaged Protoss plasma shield technology. Appearing as small crystals attached to the chests, these devices project a miniature defense matrix around users in combat (Stargate - Atlantis: Personal shield emitter). Not as powerful as the ones used by Science Vessels, the Matrix is still strong enough to endure a couple hits from a 120 mm Shock Cannon before crashing. Because of the limits of Terran power supplies, these Defense Matrixes can only be sustained for a short amount of time, so users tend to leave them off until needed. In any case, Saviors are "programmed" to give up their lives whenever necessary without fear.

Special abilities:

  • Jet Pack (passive) - unit can jump up and down cliffs
  • Defense Matrix - casts a 100 HP shield unit that last for 30 seconds or until HPs run out

Campaign UpgradesEdit

  • VECTOR Frame - unit gains x2 laser attacks from auxillary frame attacted packs and can sustain defense matrix for +15 seconds

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