Savriel Color

The Savriel Tribe is a Savrai Caste tribe, and the leading Xel'Naga research faction on Shakuras. The Savriel are also responsible for small Protoss fleet operations.

The Savriel's tribal color is platinum.


Tens of thousands of years ago, the Auriga Tribe was the first to construct sailing ships, captivated by the thrill of exploring the unknown. Their progenitors, the Savriel, still bear this trait.

In the aftermath of the Templari Devision, the Savriel were placed within the Khalai Caste, charged with the creation and operation of Xel'Naga technology starships of the Great Fleet. The Savriel is responsible for the creation of the Infiltrator, Integrator, and Usurper. It's research was passed on to the Kli'Flosis Tribe to produce Venerate Armor and the Siege Dragoon.


The Savriel Tribe follows the way of the Ravhasin.

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