If I only had a brain... Mind if I take yours?

The Scarecrow is a modified servo servant automaton constructed by Meat Threshers.

Gangly and awkward in movement, these crudely made machines are made to swarm targets while slashing away with scythe-like arms or customized cyberarms. An inbuilt gas projector is also present to spray enemies with toxic pesticides that is both blinding and can ignited with the slightest of sparks (Warcraft III: Pandaren Brewmaster). If that is not enough, they can be equipped with various black market weapons making them just as heavily armed as a regular Warbot though not as durable (Mass Effect 3: Liveships).

Special abilities:

  • Bug Spray - breaths flammable pesticide on enemy units. Affected biological units lose -2 sight and can be ignited by weapon that does explosive splash damage
  • Self-destruct (autocast) - unit detonates itself dealing 50 (+50 vs light) explosive splash damage
  • Weapons Refit:
    • RPG - gains a ranged attack that deals +100 vs armored
    • Chain Gun - gains a ranged attack that deals 8 damage to both air and ground targets
    • Warp Scythes - increases melee attack to 45 damage

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