The Science vessel is a Terran starship used for scientific research and in some cases military support.

Before the Great and Brood Wars, these ships were mainly stationed across Terran space preforming random research and development projects. Once the invasion of the Protoss and Zerg hit the Fringe Worlds, many vessels still operational were repurposed and redirected into getting answers on who was attacking and how to fight back.

Though not mean for direct combat, the Science vessel's vast array of equipment provided invaluable support in both electronic and biological warfare.

Eventually, they were slowly phased out by militaries with more advanced technologies in favor of the more battle oriented Ravens. Though some mercenary groups and lesser funded organizations still use them for research and support roles. Some have even been refitted to deploy supplies and even prototype/black market tech into the field via transporters.

Special abilities:

  • Detector
  • Defensive Matrix - covers target with 250 HP shield
  • EMP Shockwave - reduces shield and energy to 0 of all units and structures within blast radius
  • Irradiate - reduces health of biological units by 250 points over 30 seconds. Does not work on mechanical targets

Campaign UpgradesEdit

  • Nano-repair - repairs friendly mechanical unit 3 HPs per 1 energy
  • Tech drop (upgrade) - deploys T-case with random equipment


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