Scylla Brood

The Scylla Brood were a Hunter faction for the Dark Swarm, until their cerebrate leader was mind-controlled, causing it to drastically switch roles.

The Scylla Brood's numbers have grown so large that they are now considered an entirely unique species only related to that of the Zerg.

-See:Scylla Statistics

The Scylla Brood's faction color is cerulean blue.


In the latter end of the Brood War, the Charybdis Brood's Cerebrate was mind-controlled by Patriarch Darr, and the Brood was renamed the Scylla Brood. The Scylla Brood, having been severed from the psychic control of the New Overmind, has evolved separately from members of the Dark Swarm and Kerrigan's Swarm, having it's evolutionary and anatomical processes being steered by a Protoss master.

This has set it apart as a strikingly efficient and successful faction. Staying true to the ideals of its leadership, The Scylla Brood has become a powerful agent in removing Zerg taint rather than adding to it, and its ever-expanding ranks pursue evermore to tap into all known energies and use them against their former comrades. This is very specific as

Scylla Swarm

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