The Sentry is a Protoss support robot.

To bolster ground forces, these machines are equipped with several force field and holo-projectors. When used correctly, Sentries can slow down or whittle down groups of enemies into more manageable numbers. Armed with a single beam weapon, they can hold their own against lightly armored assailants, but still require more combat oriented units to handle heavier engagements.

Some protoss engineers have tinkered with the idea of adding Hardlight technology to augment offensive systems. However, these attempts have been met with difficulty as the technology is still only fully known to the Xel'Naga and the Judicator caste have been very reluctant/restrictive to delve into such information for their own reasons.

Special abilities:

  • FORCE FIELD - creates energy walls and chokepoints to block or slow enemy units
  • GUARDIAN SHIELD - creates an aura to reduce enemy range damage to friendly units by 2
  • HALLUCINATION - creates false copies of units to distract enemies
  • Hardlight emitter (upgrade) - energy constructs gain 200% duration time and effectiveness. Hallucinations can attack enemy targets with 50% of normal unit


  • For more information see Sentry on parent site

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