According to Naer'Dorei religious belief, when an individual dies, their spirit enters the Duat, and lives on residing in an alternate dimension conjoining the physical reality known as Amenthes. The individual retains all physical traits, desires, and memories that he/she had in life, but his/her appearance varies slightly according to the person's Ka, or spiritual essence, causing them to take on characteristics such as a shadowed look or often a glow. In addition, the individual may have lived worthy to be accepted into the Ondorad and take on the responsibilities of a Seraph General. Many Seraphim gain glowing "wings" of energy upon their conversion into the metaphysical Spirit World..

Those who master the energies of the Savra, may unlock the secret power to control the Duat, or dimensional door to Amenthes. This enables them to take on a metaphysical form of burning energy, and gives them a slight control over the reality of the physical realm. Through this power, the individual can harness the elements, manipulate energies, and move freely through otherwise hostile environments unscathed. These people may freely take on the form of a Seraph.

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