They are a race of snake people found on the planet of Chordatos.

Description & Biology Edit

They look humanoid, they have scales, three toed feet with claws, four fingers, a four foot snake tail, and a snake head.

Their scales, tail, and head vary from Serpentian to Serpentian. Some may look like a Cobra, and some may look like an Anaconda.

They have a venom in their fangs, but it only causes minor nerve damage.

Society Edit

They are a Noocracy, which is a society ruled by the wise. They decide what action they must take for their society.

They have found the way to travel through space by using a special type of crystal in their home planet.

Some bandits of their species travel through places of the universe.

Psychology Edit

They are a strange race of aliens, by strange is that they usually do random things. Besides their strange behavior, they are an emotionally wise race.

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