ServoPaks, or Servobots, are humanoid automatons utilized by terrans for commercial purposes.

Manufactured by Servo Servants, these robots were made to be more affordable to consumers on Fringe Worlds. Much smaller than the ones used during the Confederacy, ServoPaks are made for minor repairs to commercial vehicles and computers. Utilizing Structural Converters, they transform into a more compressed form for easy carrying as a backpack or suitcase (Ratchet and Clank: Clank and Klunk; Star Wars: DUM-series pit droid).

ServoPaks can also be equipped with various modifications such as:

  • Holocams for recording images
  • Holographic Emitters for displaying images
  • Portable video game systems for entertainment
  • Remote control for scouting tight and inhospitable areas
  • Upgradable memory chips

Though as reliable as the more large series, ServoPaks are considerably cheaper to maintain.

Special abilities:

  • Repair - restores health to mechanical unit or building at a cost of resources
  • Sabotage - disables target mechanical unit or structure for 120 seconds
  • Autopilot - increases performance (speed and attack rate) of mechanical units by 30%

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