Sessek Emblem

The Sessek Tribe is a Dark Templar Tribe that is set apart from the other tribes by its female dominated society.

The Sessek's tribal color is a deep green.


The Sessek Tribe follows the way of the Tal'Sana.


The Sessek Tribe is the only recorded tribe to have rejected the Khala in its entirety to join the Nerazim.

The Sessek Tribe was entrusted with the Talram Crystal to safeguard it from the chaos of the Templari Division.

The Sessek Tribe formed through the help of the Kli'Flosis Tribe, who follow the philosophies of the Boros Clan. In honor of this, the Sessek often refer to themselves as "The Daughters of Boros" and speak such honorary terms as "Boros Kana'Das" ("The Boros created us").

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