The Shade is a Terran insertion craft used mainly for stealth missions.

Basically a highly sophisticated missile/escape pod hybrid, Shades are specifically built to hold one person at a time (Star Trek - TNG: The Emissary). Often used by Ghosts, these vessels are designed to be launched from larger crafts to black ops target areas with minimum detection (Halo - Legends: Booster Frame).

Once launched, occupants can pilot the Shade in both space and atmosphere. Most of the time, Shades run as silently as possible to avoid being detected from radar and thermal scans. After the job is done, users can use the vessels again to return to a designated pick-up site.

To avoid capture, Shades also come with a thermonuclear device to vaporize all traces of evidence and everything else unfortunate to be nearby.

Special abilities:

  • Umbra coating - allows unit and Ghost to be permanently cloaked. Has a +25% chance of not being revealed depending on sight range of Detector
  • Self-destruct - detonates with a 250 (+100 vs structures) explosive splash damage after 30 seconds

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