Shadow wasps are a strain of Zerg spawned in Infested Outposts to serve as anti-air defense.

Appearing as clouds composed of tiny black and purple Mutalisk-like organisms, the wasps use their multiple razor-sharp mandibles to chew away at enemy forces bit by bit (Starcraft II concepts: Bone wasp). Bred in bulk, these tiny organisms do very little damage on their own. In huge numbers, they are capable of stripping a Battlecruiser into a Neosteel frame like thousands of flying piranha (Gears of War: Kryll).

What makes them intimidating is their mini-hive mind capable of semi-independent thought. This allows the swarm to be smart enough to scatter whenever targeted by weapons such as missiles or beams, making them ideal for taking down enemies such as Vikings and Void Rays with little to no damage. Their only weaknesses is that they have a relatively short life span due to high energy requirements, and that they cannot avoid abilities with a wide area of effect such as a psionic storm. Other than these small flaws, Shadow Wasps are one of the deadliest creatures to darken space.

Special abilities:

  • Scatter (passive) - swarm takes no damage from ranged attacks. Only attacks with a wide area-of-effect can harm the swarm

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