The Sidewinder is a Vaul ground unit specializing in close-quarters combat.

As the Zerg evolved more strains dedicated to swarm tactics, the Ronin-series were found to be inadequate in achieving anything other than a stalemate with their Fragments. For this reason, the Vaul began developing a new model to turn the tide.

At first glance, the model appears as an upside down egg (WALL-E: EVE). Using Protoss Sentinel schematics, the Sidewinder has three fin-like projections that open up with psionic blades at the edges. After the blades ignite, it spins at tremendous speeds similar to a buzz-saw or top (Looney Tunes: Tasmanian Devil; Mega man: Top Spin). While in motion, enemy ground forces that get too close are eventually shredded to small bits. To prevent these pieces from becoming shrapnel, the Sidewinder uses deflector shielding in its more vulnerable parts. This makes it ideal for closing up chokepoints when facing enemy swarm tactics.

By integrating some technology from Terran Widow mines, the model is capable of burrowing into the ground for ambush and defense (Transformers - Prime: Airachnid). When used properly, Sidewinders reduce enemy infantry into much more manageable numbers for other combat models.

Special abilities:

  • Burrow/Unburrow - unit can burrow becoming invisible to enemy forces without detector support. Sidewinder can not move nor attack while burrowed

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