I'll give you something to scream about.

The Siren is a tactical stealth bomber.

Looking into Terran battle reports on the Brood War, many experts found one of the factors leading to heavy loses was insufficient air-to-surface ordnance capabilities. Even the most recent model of Wraith starfighters (mostly obsolete) only used a "belly-mounted" laser battery to attack ground units. In all of the reports, the lasers were only effective in taking down units that could not fight back (i.e. Siege Tank). To compensate for this, the Terrans designed the AH/G-24 Banshee tactical strike aircraft. After initial deployment of these ships, most factions were impressed by the bomber's ingenuity and relatively inexpensive cost. Using contacts in Procyon Industries (legal and non), every interested party acquired blueprints of the Banshee. After hammering out some design flaws and adding additional alien technology, the ZP/L-38 Siren was developed to bring new meaning to death from above.

One of the most obvious weakness in the Banshee's design is its dependence on atmosphere. Any person, alien, mutant, robot, or miscellaneous freak can see that without air the rotors are useless. Even in space, artificial gravity or air is needed of the ship to function. To fix this flaw, Sirens have gravitic rings installed around the rotors (Star Trek - Enterprise: D'Kyr type). Based off Protoss Observer boosters, these rings help Sirens maneuver in or out of atmospheric environments at near starfighter speeds.

Instead of the Banshee-class bomber's regular ordnance, Sirens are armed with experimental Quasi-sonic Blasters. Originally meant for disrupting the atomic bonds of tough materials, the destructive potential of Quasi-sonic technology became apparent when one of the tests ravaged a small continent (Marvel: Black Bolt). Combined with particle weaponry, the Blasters are able to fire quasi-sonic pulses in both atmosphere and total vacuum. Once in contact with matter, the pulses ripple into waves increasing their area-of-effect. Anything that survives the wave must reorient themselves before attacking again. This makes Sirens ideal for anti-infantry and suppression fire roles.

Special abilities:

  • Cloaking Field - can become invisible to enemies without a detector
  • Wave Burst (passive) - attack separates into a wave that knock away units and stuns light armored units for 2 seconds

Campaign UpgradesEdit

  • Perfect Invisibility - emits an advanced cloak field that makes a Siren invisible even to detectors for 20 seconds. The ability is canceled if a Siren moves or attacks enemies.

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