The Skyranger hovercar is a vehicle used mainly by Terran law enforcement organizations.

Developed after the Great and Brood Wars, Skyrangers represent a compromise between the speed of a Vulture bike and the cargo capacity of a Dropship. These hovercars are primarily used for patrolling urban areas and transporting small groups of people. Their small size makes them ideal for maneuvering around buildings just above the ground or up in the air.

Skyrangers are equipped with a pair of front mounted lasers for attacking enemy vehicles or infantry in extreme cases (ReBoot: CPU Car; Mass Effect 3: UT-47A Kodiak Drop Shuttle). Though not powerful enough to take down a tank on their own, a group of Skyrangers concentrating firepower can level a city block within seconds. For regular chases, some variants come equipped with a commercial Lockdown device to quickly disable most vehicles barring military grade hardware.They can also deploy cybernetic dogs to support officers until backup arrives.

Another benefit of Skyranger hovercars is the relatively cheap cost of producing and maintaining them. This makes them a common sight in Terran cities in both the Core and Fringe Worlds.

Special abilities:

  • Deploy/Load Rover - releases a cybernetic dog on the ground to attack enemy forces
  • Lockdown - disables mechanical and robotic units. Target may not attack, move, or use abilities; passive detection and cloaking are disabled

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