The Skyscraper-class support carrier is Terran spacecraft based loosely off old Star base schematics used during the Guild wars.

Not as heavily armed as Battlecruisers, Skyscrapers are mostly used by civilian militia to deploy and repair smaller crafts, and serve as a mobile headquarters (Marvel: S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier). They can also be refitted with multiple laser batteries and modified laucher bays to deploy point defense or attack drones. Skyscrapers heavily depend on escort crafts for offensive and defensive strategies, while surveying battles from a distance.

Skyscrapers often patrol the space between the Core and Fringe Worlds of Terran space for maximum mobilization of forces. Some can also be found near asteroid belts gathering raw materials for construction and repair purposes.

Special abilities:

  • Detector
  • Point Defense Drone - deploys a drone which intercepts missiles and shots. It cannot stop special attacks
  • Kodiak squadron - deploys a squadron of 4 Kodiak gunships
  • Yellow Jacket swarm - deploys 10 yellow jacket attack drones to attack enemy forces
  • Can construct all non-massive Terran air units

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