The Soul Hunter is a Protoss anti-infantry unit specializing in the use of Void energies.

Similar to a Stalker and an Immortal, it is the Dark Templar equivalent to a Vindicator. The Soul hunter rides into battle via Hoverboards and attack with a ranged lightning gun. After a certain amount of biological enemies have been destroyed, the residual psionic energies, specifically wrath, can be harnessed by the hunter into three more powerful streams. This allows it to slaughter more enemy ground force quickly and efficiently before moving on to more crowded areas.

In support roles, a Soul Hunter can channel dark energies into a friendly unit shifting both slightly out of phase from normal space. While in this form, the linked warriors are invulnerable to any non-psychic attack (Team Fortress 2: Ubercharge). This makes a near, unstoppable combination against enemy forces reliant on physical attacks such as most Zerg strains.

Special abilities:

  • Full Wrath - after destroying a certain amount of enemy biological units, the Soul hunters attack splits into three powerful streams for 60 seconds
  • Phase link - causes both the Soul Hunter and target friendly unit to be immune to all conventional attacks for 30 seconds. Units are still vulnerable to damage from special weapons/abilities


  • For more information see Soul Hunter on the parent site

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