Spawnling Small

Spawnlings are the Succubus Brood's adaptation of the Zerg Zergling.

Overview Edit

Usually, Spawnling eyes are a deep green, and their jaws contain dual toungue-like appendages that can pierce through most metals with little effort. The Spawnling can be evolved to possess a toughened carapace and corrosive claws to increase its lethality. The Spawnling also has the potential to evolve a posthumous mitosis ability that activates 20% of the time after one dies, spawning two Broodlings.

Lone Spawnlings tend to serve as spies for the Succubus Brood and tend to be escorted from a distance by Hydralisks. When they attack however, Spawnlings generally strike in large organized groups, ranging from a dozen to a hundred, often acting as the primary hit and run specialists of the Succubus Brood. Spawnlings are little more than feral animals, but work well in large groups under the command of the more mentally adept Zerg strains. In combat, Spawnlings are fond of shredding into live prey and devouring their flesh.


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