The Sphinxes were engineered from the DNA of the Overseer strain to be emissaries for the Dark Swarm.


Sphinxes are genetically altered Overseers, possessing advanced hypersensitive eyes that can see further and with more detail. The Sphinx's psionic capacity has also been augmented from its core strain, allowing it to produce a more powerful telekinetic push for locomotive power, making it much faster. Although the Sphinx strain cannot produce creep or spawn Changelings, it provides more control and possesses other, more useful abilities.

Among these, is the Sphinx's ability to spray chemical healing agents in a steady stream, allowing the Sphinx to bolster failing offensive or defensive forces. The Sphinx may also produce spore clouds that obscure the view of ground units caught in the ensuing cloud below, however aerial forces can see through, and over this cloud. The Sphinx's final ability, is the excretion of a dense slime that clings to its targets, slowing them down, allowing the Sphinx to escape or the targets to be pursued easily. This slime also may cover resource nodes, preventing them from being harvested.


The Sphinx is not evolved from the Overlord or Dark Lord, but is instead directly produced from the Hatchery, Lair, or Hive, similar to the Zerg Queen.

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