Liberation Day is the first level in Starcraft Tower Defense.



Wave 1Edit

You start with 5 Marines bought and Jim Raynor, for now you can't buy anything. You must set each tower on the high ground. Then the first wave of 8 (12 on hard, 16 on Brutal) Marines comes.

Wave 2Edit

The wave brings in 10 (14 on hard, 18 on Brutal)

Wave 3Edit

You get in 3 marines and go against 36 Marines

Wave 4Edit

Against 12 (16 on Normal, 20 on Hard, 24 on Brutal) Marines and a Transport which is a boss, and can asttack your Towers. After the wave is complete, several Civilians are placed on high ground after this.

Wave 5Edit

12 (20 on Normal and Brutal, 24 on Hard) Marines (4 Firebats on Brutal) and 2 Vikings (4 on Brutal)


Coming soon...

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