The Stigmalisk, nicknamed the "Stank" by the Terran, is a variant strain of the Ultralisk developed by the Succubus Brood. During the Second Great War, a number of them were spawned on Meinhoff.

Overview Edit

The Stigmalisk is a powerful evolution of the standard Ultralisk that possesses a genetically modified carapace that is malleable and highly regenerative. It's Kaiser blades are still very dense, but blunt by comparison.

The Stigmalisk utilizes it's blades to burrow through the earth more efficiently then its core strain, and wields them like hammers in combat instead of actual blades.

The Succubus Brood employs the use of Stigmalisks to destroy colony defenses before sweeping through with its other strains to infest the population.

The Stigmalisk's breath is noxious and can knock out a full grown man, giving it its nickname.

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