The Stormcutter is a union of a Protoss infantry unit and a Rea'thu.

While bonded, the pair form a nearly unstoppable force in the air (Warcraft III: Hippogryph Rider). Comparable to a Scout or Corsair, Stormcutters can challenge both light aerospace craft and capital ships on nearly equal terms in most atmospheric conditions. For attack, the combined energies of both Rea'thu and rider create a powerful psionic spear. This spear can vary in length and power depending on the user's will (Naruto: Chidori Sharp Spear and Hell Stab; Bleach: Gin Ichimaru). By channeling psionic energy around their bodies, the pair can thrust themselves with tremendous force capable of penetrating plasma shields leaving gapping holes in capital ships (Street Fighter: Psycho Crusher).

During the Aeon of Strife, Stormcutter hunting parties were used to find heretics with the assistance of Garuntas. When encountering Psionic Storms, the riders would redirect the energies into their spears increasing their power (Star Wars: Form VII: Juyo / Vaapad). This technique was indirectly the source of their names. In duels with other Stormcutters, the one with less stamina or focus generally lost.

Should the rider choose, the pair can separate to attack or flee as individuals. This gives Stormcutters a reasonable amount of mobility in multiple situations.

Special abilities:

  • Thunderbird - summons a garunta to assist in combat
  • Mag Thrust - charges at target enemy unit dealing 300 (+200 while in Psionic Storm) damage
  • Prestige (passive) - infantry unit "evolves" with rank: 0-9 = remains Zealot/Dark Templar, 10-19 = Purifier/Soul Hunter, and 20+ = High Templar/Prelate
  • Decouple Rider & Rea'thu - Dismounts infantry unit from the Rea'thu

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