The Super computer is a support structure for Vaul bases.

Similar in appearance to Xel'Naga towers, these structures have a large Khaydarin crystal surrounded by multiple floating components (Starcraft II Development: Tower Development render). Ingrained within the molecular structure of the crystal are trillions of psionic programming that can command and reformat Vaul buildings for a variety of purposes all of which to enhance their capabilities in different situations.

While manufacturing facilities can match most of the races if given enough time and resources, there are times where numbers are simply insufficient. This is especially apparent when under siege by the more aggressive ones preferring swarm tactics. To alleviate this, Super computers activate the MASS PRODUCTION settings of any manufacturing building. This allows the structure to cut time in building units in exchange of some health and armor. Units off the assembly line also need to recharge shields as energizing them costs time. Though not as strong as ones build on regular settings, mass produced units can be help in situations requiring large numbers in short time.

As all structures can be destroyed, the most tactically valuable can be augmented with BACKUPS to increase their survival. This is done by duplicating and shunting matter into a pocket reality keeping the duplicate safe from attacks from normal space (Star Trek - Voyager: Deadlock). By doing so, a Vital structure can have twice as much resistance to enemy attacks not counting shields. This often confuses and frustrates enemy combatants as they see a building they just destroyed reappear as good as new within seconds.

What makes Super computers tip virtually any battle in favor of the Vaul is its ability to preform SYNTHESIS on resource nodes. This causes the nodes to become filled with Proteus crystals that replenishing nodes to their condition before being harvested. The process is carefully controlled as to avoid destabilizing the entire area and risking destruction of a vital base or possibly the entire planet (Star Trek - 2009: Red matter). Once it has started, the nodes begin to glow in an aura similar to a Protoss warping in. The process takes a while and worker units must avoid contact with the Synthesizing nodes or risk being fused into them. Potentially, this allows the Vaul to have nearly limitless resources as long as they control the base.

Special abilities:

  • MASS PRODUCTION - target structure produces units at +300%. Units produced have -25% health, no armor, and shields need to be recharged
  • BACKUP - target structure gains a duplicate with the same amount of health. If structure is destroyed, the Backup takes its place with 100% health. Backups do not have shields and can not be recharged
  • SYNTHESIS - replenishes target resource node within 180 seconds. Synthesizing nodes cannot be harvested until finished. Anything that makes contact with the node is destroyed. If node is attacked, the process is halted and node returns to normal

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