Surtur Brood
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Cerebrate Kagg



Special units
  • Mobile

May be destroyed

The Surtur Brood was one of the major Broods of the Zerg Swarm.

The millions-strong Surtur Brood, under the control of Cerebrate Kagg, was sent forth by the Zerg Overmind when the Jormungand Brood and the Garm Brood were unable to break enemy ranks alone. This brood was so destructive that it was kept in reserve within the central recesses of the zerg fleet unless absolutely necessary. It had been known to eradicate fellow zerg as well as enemies in its furious rampages. For more information see Surtur Brood on the parent site.

Antiga PrimeEdit

Surtur Brood had be deployed in Antiga Prime and make there many operations. His brood infest this planet, but after activate a Psi-Emitter by Terran's many Zerg's from this brood were attracted to this planet. And after completly infestation on this planet, a Tassadar's fleet come's from the sky and purify this planet's. In this war most of the brood was destroyed.

Renegade SwarmEdit

After death of the First Overmind, Surtur Brood - led by Cerebrate Kagg join to a Daggoth's Renegade Swarm to help recreate a Second Overmind. After that, when they was led by New Overmind, UED capture this Young Creature, which contributed to the fact that Kagg, and Surtur Brood served Terran's.

A TestEdit

Surtur Brood was a first brood, that was used for the test by UED in battle. Slaved Kagg, command his brood to attack Terran Dominion planet Hydrax and capture Psi Emitters. Mission was successful.

Known MembersEdit

Special UnitsEdit

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