A Synaptic nodule is a Zerg auxiliary structure used to enhance the offensive capabilities of defensive buildings.

Similar to a small Creep tumor filled with blue fluid, the structure hyper stimulates the reflexes and biological functions of nearby Spine and Spore Crawlers. The stimulation of a Synaptic nodule gives the tentacle of a Spine crawler enough force to punch through three Siege Tanks. If placed correctly, a cluster of nodules around a single Spore crawler can hold off a small fleet of cruisers and fighters until backup can arrive.

Like a Pylon, friendly structures need to be within a certain radius to receive the maximum amount of chemical and electrical stimulus from a Synaptic nodule. However, destruction of the nodule will have little to no effect on the surrounding buildings save for a loss in speed.

Special abilities:

  • Innervate (passive) - increases rate of attack and damage from Spine and Spore Crawlers by 75%

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