The Tactical/Tech-case, or T-case, is basically a container storing random weapons or equipment.

During combat, multiple packages would be deployed randomly onto the battlefield (Call of Duty: Care Package). Each T-case is made of paristeel to withstand a certain degree of punishment while waiting to be opened.

Usually transported via dropship or Science vessel, some of these cases contain prototype technologies to help small squadrons turn the tide of battle (Halo: Resupply Canister and Support Upgrade).

Known ItemsEdit


  • Minigun - unit gains +5 damage and +300% attack rate
  • RPG Launcher - unit gains 150 anti-armor attack (max:3)
  • Grenade - unit gains 3 grenades each dealing 20 (+30 vs light armor) damage


  • Incendiary rounds - unit gains +5 damage against light armored biological units
  • EMP rounds - unit gains +20 damage against plasma shielding
  • Sabot rounds - unit gains +10 damage against heavy armored units


  • Chrono Rift Device - slows down enemy attack and movement rate
  • Experimental Plasma Gun - shots deal 150 damage
  • Jet Boots - unit gains the ability to jump up and down cliffs for 120 seconds
  • Laser Turret - unit can deploy one laser turret wherever they chose with a life span of 180 seconds
  • Teleportation pad - unit can deploy up to two pads on the map


  • Medical kit - unit regains up to 30 HPs
  • Scope/binoculars - unit gains +5 sight
  • Cloaking device - unit is cloaked for 120 seconds
  • Targeting laser - unit can mark enemy units and structures increasing damage from allied air units
  • Scanner - unit becomes a detector

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