TFP Powered Heavy Combat Armor

The Terra Firma Protectorate Powered Heavy Combat Armor is a Terran armored exoskeleton.

Armor is commonly personalized by armor and visor art.

Overview Edit

TFP Powered Heavy Combat Armor was initially commissioned by the Systems Alliance to improve upon the aging designs of the CMC Powered Combat Suit, and it stands as a marked improvement of its predecessor. The TFP Powered Heavy Combat Armor possesses advanced NBC (Nuclear/Biological/Chemical) shielding that can deflect nearly all small arms fire, with the partial-exception of the Needle Gun, which can penetrate the armor somewhat.

Material Edit

TFP Mobile Powered Heavy Combat Armor plating is usually composed of regenerative Bio-Steel, a very lightweight but extremely resilient material that not only serves to protects the wearer from harm, but also repairs itself when damaged through molecular realignment. Its primary function is to protect against rail projectile weaponry and other munitions like plasma or high-explosives.

In locations where it is not financially feasible to outfit marines with such armor, a titanium alloy is used it its place that is still quite resilient to harm, but does not possess the automatic self-maintenance feature.

Features Edit

In addition to the above means of protection, the TFP Powered Heavy Combat Armor possesses limited personal shielding devices as well. This rechargeable shielding system is capable of forming a protective layer around the armor for a short period of time which shields the user from most forms of heavy weaponry.

However, energy shields are vulnerable to electromagnetic pulses and plasma projectiles, such as those from Protoss weaponry. Shield strength depends on how many shield servos (boosters) the wearer has implanted into their custom armor. The shield emitters can be seen on the outside of the armor as bright glowing blue, white, and/or orange light strips. The light can be dampened down for stealth operations.

The TFP Powered Heavy Combat Armor is equipped with Aural Directional Enhancers, Full life support, a Gravity Generator, Integrated communication system, Lockdown System, Mufflers, and Shoulder and/or chest mounted illuminators.

The C-15 Harrier may be connected to and powered by the suit.

The TFP Powered Heavy Combat Armor is also equipped with a Heads-Up Display (HUD) that is built into the visor. Its features include infra-red vision a "navigation mode" which superimposes a map of surrounding terrain and pinpoints prominent features, targeting systems, is capable of displaying life support as a percentage and the amount of ammunition in a soldier's equipped weapon, the ability to detect motion to some extent, and a data system which, with the appropriate link, can let the user 'jack in' to video and data feeds, the information scrolling across the visor. The visor itself may be lowered/raised and/or (un)polarized at the user's discretion, though will automatically (un)polarize based on the intensity of light hitting it. Colors that can result include black and gold.

Trivia Edit

The TFP Powered Heavy Combat Armor was invented by innovative weapon-specialist, Kal Wardin.

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