The Tal'Darim Tribe is a large Protoss terrorist organization found on multiple planets. These fanatics still resent their exile from Aiur and demanded that the Khalai refugees be removed from Shakuras or be exterminated.

The Tal'Darim's tribal color is cyan.

History Edit

Though it's strange that the Tal'darim Tribe are found on multiple planets, since they were apparently supposed to have originated on Aiur and were made up of stranded Protoss, it's possible that Ulrezaj named them himself, and "Tal'Darim" is simply the name he assigns to any of his servants, favoring this term instead of the former "Fist of Ulrezaj."

Philosophy Edit

The Tal'Darim Tribe follows the way of the Xava'Kai.

Trivia Edit

Tal'Darim translates to "The Forged" in Protoss.

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