Venerate Pose

The Tal'Sana are a Dark Templar clan predominately female in number, formed shortly after the Savra was proposed.


The Tal'Sana are known for their showy appearance and their openness in dress style.

'Civilian' Tal'Sana dress in gossamer-fine jade and gold garb to make their allignments obvious.

Warrior Tal'Sana use light, gold colored metals to make up their unique power armor.


The Tal'Sana employ the use of arm-mounted "Focus Blades", which implement the characteristic Warp Blade technology of the Dark Templar in a unique fashion.


Tal'Sana clan members rarely cut their nerve appendages, if at all, due to their deep regards to psionic control and mental focus.

Some Tal'Sana have been known to possess abilities similar to that of a High Templar due to this.


The majority of the Tal'Sana have become Venerates in order to help heal the in-fighting of their scattered people.

The Tal'Sana harbor a deep respect for the Boros Clan, and are often found fighting alongside its followers.

Tal'Sana is a Protoss compound word translating to "Mending Servants" or "Servants of Mending".

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