The Tegleshai are a small, primarily desert dwelling race, nomadic and reclusive by nature. They look somewhere in-between a Kig-Yar, an armadillo, and a bi-pedal lizard. Their skin color can change to match their environment due to specialized skin cells with pigmentation altering chemicals. (chromatophores are not used) Their race has mastered the art of stealth and camouflage, and even their buildings are said to disappear at night, although this has not been witnessed first hand. Their language has a unique idiosyncrasy concisting of hisses and clicks, yet with audable consonant usage. (Example: "Hsa! cho chikitik ikah sseith sel ess" meaning: Look! The armies they bring are many)

They have achieved more than rudimentary space flight, and although their vessels appear crude in design, they can deal heavy justice upon their enemies.

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