The Terminal is the primary hub of a Vaul base.

Former Xel'Naga Ziggurats, these buildings were viewed as temples by most primitive races including the Protoss. Only the Xel'Naga and Vaul know of the many secrets within these structures. Fully automated, Terminals construct Cogs before setting them off to gather raw materials for processing or expanding the settlement. To make these structures more battle ready, the Vaul used hybridized technology to enhance its defensive capabilities.

As the command structure for all bases, a Terminal can order other buildings disassemble via Quicksilver and inbuilt Molecular converters. Almost instantly, a building "melts" away leaving a crystal. This crystal can then be transported and/or reprogrammed to form any other structures such as Neutron guns if under siege. The change is permanent and does not cost any additional resources while on top of Quicksilver.

Special Abilities:

  • DECODE - transforms friendly Vaul structure into crystals that can be transported by worker units. What structure the crystal transforms into depends on the users choice. Transforming into another structure does not cost any more resources while on Quicksilver

Units built:

  • Cog

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