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The Terran Republic Fifth Fleet is one of the principal naval formations of the Republic Navy.

It was primarily comprised of the insurgents and patriots of the Raynor's Raiders resistance movement, and as such, was led by General James Raynor aboard the Behemoth-class battlecruiser Hyperion.

The Fifth Fleet would be primarily stationed in the Outer Rim region, acting as a rapid-reaction force, aggressively harassing Zerg worlds as well as rushing to defend Republic colonies that fell under attack. The Fifth Fleet would suffer substantial casualties during the tragic Battle of Corinth, losing nearly an entire battle group, and marking the fall of Corinth, one of the Republic's remaining major strongholds.

Admiral Jocelyn Perry, one of Raynor's lieutenants, was a flag officer within the Fifth Fleet, and she would lead the infamous Carrier Group Two from the Mengsk-class fleet carrier Defiance. Esteemed fighter veterans, such as Colonel Thomas Kazansky and Commander Brendan Rath, were also included in the Fifth Fleet.

Known vesselsEdit

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