Darr's Super-Harbinger flagship, Jezepher, is heavily armed and fitted with enough weapon systems that it single-handedly fended off the 51st Armada of the Alpha Centauri Squadron.

It's hull is fully outfitted with Quad Pulse Cannons, Quad Ion Cannons, twin Thermal Lances, twin Plasma Cannons, twin Phase Disruptor Cannons, and Prismatic Beams with re-targeting sytem upgrades (that unleash once Shuriken are fired). The Jezepher is also capable of laying down major punishment with it's use of special abilities.

The Jezepher flagship has a cloaking device that takes a few seconds to activate, a cloaking field that masks friendly unit movement in a large area, many advanced Neutron Emitters, advanced detection/sensory array, Warpdrive, Recall Riftdrive, Electromagnetic Discharger, Usurper deployment bay, and Planet Cracker. The Jezepher possesses the ability to open Integration Fields and Black Holes.


The Jezepher's hull is so large that is houses 192 Shuriken within its holds, and still possesses enough space to house a small Protoss fleet.