Thermal retardant is a substance used to fight fires.

Developed by the Terrans, it was made for the more extreme temperatures made through the use of Vespene Gas and other dangerous substances. Made from a liquid nitrogen based compound, Thermal retardant can drop the temperature of whatever it hits to subzero almost instantly.

Standard for most fire suppression systems, it is essential for stopping structures from burning down. During the Great War, most Confederacy military bases cut back on Thermal retardant systems in favor of relying on SCV maintenance to prevent destruction. On spacecraft and factories, specialized extinguishers are strategically placed to assist in emergencies. A full tank of thermal retardant can mean the difference between staying cool and becoming atomic vapor (Star Trek - Voyager: Plasma extinguisher). In some extreme instances, mine and factory workers have used the retardant to drive back zerg attacks until evacuation can arrive.

Notes Edit

  • Prevents Terran buildings from burning down
  • Has 30% chance of freezing enemy melee units

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