The Thor is a massive siege-walker.

Among the largest mechanical walkers ever developed by the Terrans, this machine is made to unleash unprecedented amounts of damage to enemy forces and bases. Loaded with multiple types of heavy cannons ranging from both energy and projectile, the Thor can destroy practically anything it comes across. Javelin missile pods help clear up the skies making aerial strikes extremely difficult without sufficient numbers.

For turning enemy structures to craters, the Thor braces itself to fire its 250mm cannons. Only a nuclear strike can perform equal damage to the walker, but with much greater risk.

Though the arms are not made for grasping or grappling, it is possible to equip the walker with energy blades that can tear through armor, plasma shields, and heavy carapaces instantly (StarCraft II: Archangel). These are some of the only melee weapons capable of slicing Nydus worms in half in a single strike.

Special abilities:

  • 250mm Cannons - deals 500 damage to target ground area
  • Energy blades (upgrade) - gains 300 (+100 vs armored) melee damage


  • For more information see Thor on the parent site

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