Thunderheads are COLD's heavy support infantry for situations where regular troopers are not enough.

Their armor is similar to Marauder suits, but with dual Gatling guns instead of grenade launchers. Each Gatling gun fires hundreds of rounds in under a minute with enough stopping power to where down the thickest of armor plating (Mass Effect 3: Geth Spitfire). While this seems like an extreme amount of firepower for a regular militia infantry, many have sworn it vital in providing suppression fire and crowd control in repulsing alien incursions.

Neosteel shields are equipped to both guns to give added protection to users and prevent damage from secondary explosions (Gundam Wing: Heavyarms). In situations where Thunderheads deplete their ammo supplies, they simply bash anything that gets too close with their shields.

Should this prove ineffective, Thunderheads deploy stun traps to even the numbers (Starcraft II: Rory Swann; Warcraft III: Witch Doctor). Most carry only one trap due to the weight, but can be upgraded to handle two compact variants.

Jump boots based off refined versions of old black market prototypes are used to increase mobility on the field. In rough terrain, Thunderheads leap high into the air and slow down falls with the boots (Starcraft Universe: Class Pages; Mass Effect 3: Cerberus Assault Trooper). Similar to Reapers, Thunderheads can move suprisingly quickly despite their heavy armor.

Special abilities:

  • Stun Trap - deploys a Stun Trap that detects hidden units and deals 12 damage per second. Biological units hit slow down by half
  • Jump Boots - Thunderheads can jump up and down cliffs

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