Titanium composites are combinations of Titanium alloys and other materials used in many applications depending on varying strength, durability and other factors.

Before the use of Neosteel, these were mainly used in most Terran construction ranging form small vehicles to starships. Due to the ever present need of resources to build defenses against alien attack, most of the main Terran Governments stockpiled whatever they could get their hands on. This made it difficult for the more poorer worlds to meet their military needs.

Thanks to advanced in extracting and processing Titanium, the Fringe Worlds made due with what they could get. Though not as resilient as military grade equipment of the Dominion, vehicles built with titanium composites were found much more easier to construct at a fraction of the cost.


  • Allows for civilian militia to build all mechanical units from StarCraft I
  • All units cost -30% less than standard, but are only 75% as durable (HPs)

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