Toxic pores are a evolutionary defense mechanism used by Zerg creep.

Once creep finishes transforming the surface, it will eventually start to alter the atmosphere of the planet. Through the use of multiple toxic pores, a fully infested world could be covered in clouds of poisonous gases in no less than 2 to 3 standard days (Justice League: Secret Origins).

The corrosive properties of the gases is enough to eat away at powered armor, heavy vehicles, and starships alike (Starcraft II: Noxious-strain). Only specialized zerg strains and plasma shielded forces can survive and thrive in the atmosphere created by thousands of pores.

Due to the volatile nature and concentration of the fumes produced by the pores, any attempt to destroy them results in a large explosion akin to igniting a Vespene Refinery.

Special abilities:

  • Noxious Fumes (passive) - constantly produces toxic gas dealing 8 damage per second to all non-zerg units and structures. Gas ignores armor and bunker protection
  • Volatile Compounds (passive) - deals 200 explosive damage upon destruction

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