Beware my laser face.

The Tracker is a stealth recon and field support robot.

Observers serve as advance scouts for Protoss air support and detection operations. They move in and out of enemy territory with relatively little opposition thanks to their permanent cloaking system and small size. Outside of these abilities, these units have little use in combat situations other that to reveal hidden enemies. When pitted against the weakest of aerial fighter craft, the Observer depends on its cloak and weak shielding for defense. Seeing the value of these scouting robots, the Vaul sought to improve on the Protoss' original designs ultimately creating the Tracker-series hunter-killer drone.

Like their counterparts, Trackers are permanently cloaked and able to detect hidden enemies with advanced Xel'Naga sensor technology. Unlike their counterparts, they are equipped with a modified beam weapon based off Dark Templar energies that is emitted from the "eye-piece" (Halo: Monitor). The power of the beam is roughly enough to vaporize a ghost in one shot. Against more heavily armored opponents, the weapons' effectiveness decreases. To compensate for this flaw, the weapon leaves psionic residue that can be tracked even under fog of war (Warcraft 3: Druid of the Talon). This residue also acts in similar ways as a Zerg Parasite, allowing units to see what the affected units sees (Reboot: Gun). Affected units are also very susceptible to focused fire as the energy has the added effect of weakening most types of armor. All these qualities make Trackers powerful support units in both stealth and support missions.

Special abilities:

  • Permanent Cloak (passive) - invisible unless sensed by a detection unit/building
  • Dark Flare - deals 100 damage (ignoring armor) and marks targeted units. Affected units loss -2 armor, receive +25% damage from all attack types, and can be seen through fog of war.

Campaign UpgradesEdit

  • Counterintelligence - instantly kill an enemy detector with a charged mini proton beam. This ability has 150 seconds of Cooldown

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