The Trailblazer is a Terran scouting robot.

Used in the early years of colonization, these mechanical drones helped found most of the middle and fringe worlds. Standard deployment involved dropping the Trailblazer onto a potential planet from low orbit. Most survived impact on ideal worlds. Others where often destroyed by electrical storms, hostile lifeforms, and miscellaneous malfunctions while landing.

Due to the relative cheapness of construction and maintenance of Trailblazers, military forces have found new use for them scouting suspected alien controlled worlds. During the invasion of Char, most landing sites where scouted by the drones for the "safest" or least populated areas for landing troops. Some have even been outfitted with explosives to make LZs relatively tolerable for use. This practise has reduced ground force losses by roughly 17% according to most surveys.

Some of the more tech savvy soldiers can even jury rig a downed Trailblazer with their own equipment to form a crude portable scanner.

Special abilities:

  • Detector
  • Personal Scanner - Trailblazer combines with friendly infantry unit to become detector

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