Let's shake things up.

The Tremor is a mobile assault carriage.

Modified from Terran Cyclones, the vehicle is armed with plasma disk launchers for tearing through enemy armor. When facing heavily armored enemies, a more powerful plasma disk can be charged with psionic energy doubling the effectiveness by homing in on targets out side normal ranges (Dragon Ball Z: Death Saucer). Capable of cutting Immortals in two, the Tremor excels at taking down enemy armor and mechs.

By altering the cockpit area, the modified assault carriage can be refit to deploy sonic mines. This can be a great asset when gaining distance from enemies such as rampaging Ultralisks. It also helps avoid being overrun by swarms of melee fighters.

Special abilities:

  • Lock on - the unit locks onto a single target firing a charged disk dealing 400 damage over 20 second. The disk will follow the target from beyond standard range until it is destroyed or the 20 seconds runs out
  • Deploy Sonic Mine - launches a sonic mine that stuns or slows enemy forces by -60%

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