Trident Station is an underwater military research base constructed by the Umojan Protectorate.

While going over data on all known Zerg strains encountered during the Brood Wars, it was found that few breeds evolved for water environments. Most recorded sightings indicated ground and aerospace forms being prefered during invasions. Further examination of Creep found that it most grew over bodies of water instead of assimilating it into other forms.

Using these findings, Trident Station was designed to be a prototype last resort shelter from any future invasions. Should worst come to worst, a select number of people could be saved until all hostile alien forces destroyed each other or lose interest in the planet its on (Stargate - Atlantis: Namesake; Bioshock: Rapture). Some critics believe the project to be a waste of funding if the Protoss simply "Purify" the world. To retify this flaw, Trident Station has multiple hulls of reinforced Neosteel plating and ablative armor made to resist planetary bombardment of Apocalypes-class Nuclear Missiles. The station also has retractable Mass Drivers to launch transport vessels in the event of emergency (Gundam SEED: Mass Driver).

During times of peace, it would still be as a research facility for a number of alien and non-alien related projects. To support its personnel, the station has over 30 different Bio-domes that can be customized for nearly any environment. Powering the domes and everything else in the facility are 3 Main Reactors and 4 secondary Power Generators all of which can be maintained by a skeleton crew and Adjutant.

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