No, I want two pieces.

Trojans are clone super soldiers and basic infantry fighters.

War has always been a numbers game to high ranking Terran military officers. The aftermath of the Great and Brood Wars with the Zerg highlighted that fact. Due to Kerrigan's unusual decision of mercy, the Dominion under the rule of Emperor Arcturus Mengsk has put all their time and resources into preparing for the next Koprulu War. The problem was that they were dangerously low on manpower thanks to the first war (not counting the Ghost Purge). Even if the Dominion started conscripting and Neural resocializing all its citizens, there just was not enough to make up for the Zerg's ability to rapidly grow new strains in minutes. Then, out of nowhere, a solution was proposed by a representative of Rel-X Inc. . He proposed that if they needed an army without the time consuming wait of Terran citizens: being born, growing up, and being trained, the Dominion should turn its attention toward cloning (Star Wars: Clone Trooper). With Protoss technology, Terran resocialization techniques, and adequate knowledge of Zerg DNA, the Dominion could fill the gap in the need for willing cannon fodder. Naturally, the Dominion higher ups unanimously agreed to the proposed Project Trojan.

Trojans have two commands: Obey orders and Kill everything. Trojans have been genetically altered to the physical peak of Terran physiology with a few added cybernetic implants for extra surprises (Marvel: Captain America). Trojans wear RTX Powered Combat Suits rather than the standard issue CMC Armor used by regular Marines. The RTX suit looks like a merge between CMC Armor and HE Suits used by Ghosts, but provides much less protection in favor of mobility. Another difference between Trojans and normal marines is that they are issued B-28 rifles instead of the standard C-14 rifle. If Trojans become too injured, they can trigger a self-destruct sequence in their suits creating an explosion comparable to a Siege Tank plasma shell. Should field commanders feel it necessary, they can remotely trigger the devices from a safe distance. Due to their resoc programming during development and training, Trojans immediately throw themselves at the nearest enemy unit/building whenever this is done without second thought.

Seeing normal marines upgraded with simple shields, the clones developers thought they could go further by upgrading the clones with a high powered Minigun (Halo: Heavy Machine Gun). Not only does this give the trooper more firepower, but the Neosteel gun shield gives the users more protection than any ballistic shield. The only downside to this is the lost of speed and mobility due to extra weight. But thanks to the Trojans enhanced strength, the lost of speed is negligible. With cloning labs pumping out Trojans in the hundreds, it seems the Dominion has gained a temporary reprieve from the shortage of manpower.

Special Abilities:

  • Detonate - unit explodes with 50 explosive splash damage (+30 vs light) after 15 seconds
  • Minigun (upgrade) - increases Trojan health points up to 80 and ground/air attack to 12 normal

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