Twilight Archon2

Both branches of the Protoss warrior tradition share the ability to merge their souls. The union of the two Templar Castes has lead to the powerful scionic efigy of the Twilight Archon. Twilight Archons radiate incalculable power and can unleash devastating psionic storms against enemy forces both in the air and on the ground.

The burning, azure-purple figure of the Twilight Archon spreads fear across any battlefield. These powerful creatures of living Psionic energy embody the eternal wrath of the Twilight Templar. A Twilight Archon is created from the merging of two Twilight Templar. The true scionic potential of the Twilight Archon are shrouded in mystery, though it is clear that they are more than capable of taking care of themselves and dishing out considerable damage to clumps of weaker ground units. In addition to being able to wield psionic powers, Twilight Archons can also wield the energies of the Void, and radiate energy like stars and burn out when depleted. The merging results in the abandonment of the physical form, but those who do so are bequeathed great honor and a place in the Templar Archives.

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