Twilight Templar Twilight Templar are Protoss warriors that use potent psionic powers to support other Protoss forces.


Twilight Templar are veteran Templar who tap into the energies of the Khala and the Void in order to perfect their psionic powers into potent tools and weapons through the Savra. In battle, Twilight Templar wield dual Warp Blades chanelled through forearm units in their Light Armor Suits. Twilight Templar also use their psionic powers to surround themselves with a plasma shield. Using a limited form of precognition, Twilight Templar can predict enemy movements, striking with deadly accuracy and dodging attacks. Some Twilight Templar have developed the ability to turn their body into pure scionic energy for a few microseconds. This allows them to move at lightning-fast speeds and strike suddenly against an enemy that thinks they are out of range. Each Twilight Templar is trained for decades in hand-to-hand combat, tactics, pain tolerance, and martial discipline. Twilight Templar have dedicated themselves to intense physical training as well.

Twilight Templar use Dreamspeak to directly commune with their ancient ancestors and thereby gain knowledge inaccessible to ordinary warriors. They may also wear amulets carved from Khaydarin or Argus Crystals to improve their connection with the Savra and thus channel their psionic abilities with greater efficiency.

Those treading the path of the Savra are taught to close their minds to the outside world. For powerful psychics like the Protoss this may produce psychic ripples that are harmful to other life forms. Twilight Templar are trained to focus these ripples into terrible storms of psychic energy that destroy the minds of other living creatures.

Twilight Templar wield the energies of the cosmos and have the ability to "store" personalities within Khaydarin Crystals and bend light around themselves, rendering them virtually invisible. Twilight Templar energies are harmful to the Zerg Cerebrates and Overmind due to the similarities of the cosmic energies they wield.

A more subtle power is the ability for Twilight Templar to create illusory duplicates of other objects. While these phantoms have no substance and cannot affect the material world, they are useful to confuse and divert the attention of the Protoss' enemies.

Twilight Templar may psionicly merge with another Twilight Templar to form a Twilight Archon, thus sacrificing themselves to complete the Warrior Path and attain legendary status within the Archives.

Twilight Templar have been able to take on the role of teachers and leaders of their people.

Known Twilight TemplarEdit

Famous Twilight TemplarEdit

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