One of the United Earth Directorate remnant group, also known as Majestic Aurora, was a UEDEF remnant formed by Grant Gerard DuGalle Calliope, who was a former commodore. The Majestic Aurora, a 

The Galactic War for LiberationEdit

Adopting a more precisive, militaristic policy in regards of alien affairs, the remnants used considerable resources in studying the protoss and zerg. The remnants, after having conducted research on the Dominion for months, believed that they were capable of countering the aliens and decided to end the conflict in Koprulu Sector by any means necessary.

This expeditionary force remnant group was sent to investigate and engage the enemies, they were led by a brilliant and talented military leader, Grant G. D. Calliope, was assembled. Admiral Kelly made his own objectives when he would return to the Koprulu Sector:

  1. Defeat the Dominion through retained UED technology and assassinate Arcturus Mengsk.
  2. Gather enough resources to take on the Dominion and smuggle everything on every worlds the Dominion had smuggled.
  3. Save anyone from being killed. Protect any colonies that are attacked.


The Majestic Aurora's military organization (codenamed Aurora Shield) was based on the United States Armed Forces, with the Majestic Aurora ws only answerable to Admiral Calliope, who was on board the DSS Aleksander II.

Marine Air-Ground Task ForceEdit

Due to its use of landing its force from space into the ground, this use resembles that of the USMC's Marine Air Ground Task Force.

Remnant ForceEdit

The remnants were a group of survivors of the United Earth Directorat Planetary Garrison that were defeated.

Military Units of UED remnantsEdit

The remnants, who prefers to use new names, were completely consisted of:

  • Marines (Infantrymen)
  • Firebats (Flamethrowers)
  • Marksmen (Snipers)
  • Corpsmen (Medics)
  • M1A8 Abrams Main Battle Tanks (MBT, Crucio-class or Arclite-class)
  • D-12 Strykers (Goliath-class combat walkers)
  • F-19 Bombers (Viking-type fighters)
  • A-10 Valkyrie gunship frigates
  • Storm-class Battlecruisers

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